Rhoads and West Attorneys - Amy E. West is a dishonest and unethical lawyer.

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Amy E. West is a *** lawyer who lies and cheats at every step. She is currently under investigation by the California State Bar for disbarment for making false statements to the court.

Amy E. West actually backdated a legal pleading in order to make her client look like he was not delaying a case. Can you say LOOSER!

Amy E. West in fact stated on the record that her opponent was convicted of Domestic Violence when in fact that could not be further from the truth.

If you are every unfortunate enough to run into Amy E. West, please feel free to back up and run her over again.

Review about: Unethical Lawyer.



Dear Anonymous poster 1022136.

I have issued a subpoena for your identity and IP Address in case number 37-2015-0022309 Ewing vs. MCS, LLC, et al which is now pending in Superior Court in San Diego at 330 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101. You have 20 days to file an objection to said subpoena.


This review was written by Anton Ewing, a twice convicted felon.Amy was representing someone who was seeking a restraining order against Anton Ewing.

Anton Ewing has had more than ten restraining orders served against him. Amy is an excellent attorney who was just doing her job, but Anton Ewing tried to interfere with her attempt to seek this restraining order.

His MO includes stalking, threatening, and posting materials like this in an effort to destroy the reputations of honest individuals.You will notice that Anton Ewing later realized he was wrong and posted "Amy West is a good attorney.


I had the pleasure of meeting amy at my case hearing yeaterday she straight up asked to speak to me called her client a *** and told me to dismiss a domestic violence case I had against her client.

Riddlesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #33784

Amy West is a good attorney

Riddlesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #29696

Yes, Amy West is a dishonest attorney.

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